MediaLas Laser Manufactory Cross laser, line laser & Positioning lasers for the industry

Line lasers and Positioning lasers for industrial purpose

At you will find the most diverse types of positioning and marking lasers.

  • Line lasers for the industry

    Line lasers

    Line lasers for industrial tasks in daily use. Performance and color selectable as a module or finished product.
  • Cross lasers for the industry

    Cross lasers

    Cross-line lasers are used to quickly mark positions or center objects. From mini to maxi in all colors.
  • Positioning lasers for the industry

    Positioning lasers

    A positioning laser displays a specific image on a work surface. Ideal for demanding positioning tasks.
  • Floor lasers for marking

    Floor lasers

    Floor marking lasers create a highly visible laser line on any kind of floor. Visible even over long distances.

In 2016 we received the Innovation Award of the state of Baden-Württemberg

Innovation Award Germany for lasers

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Dot laser module 1mW 520nm GREEN, adjustable focus, optical stabilized, class II
from 104,72 EUR
Shippingtime: approx 1 week

Why order from

Our online shop offers a very wide selection of line lasers, cross line lasers (often called cross lasers), Dot lasers or positioning lasers. Most types of lasers can be purchased as a ready-to-use complete kit (called kits) or as individual modules. But we are also happy to advise you on our laser products for any kind of new development or series design in the field of industrial lasers.

A large accessory portfolio is also rounded off by laser deflections or galvoscanners. For the FIS and the international ski jumping we have developed and built a special laser projector, the so-called ski jumping laser. He is a prime example of a successful laser visualization and user guidance by means of lasers.

In our in-house high-tech manufacturing facility, in addition to our line lasers, crosshair lasers and positioning lasers, we produce other high-performance products and modules with a very high degree of vertical integration. From SMD circuit board assembly to final production and inspection, we have an eye on the production process and can rectify errors or changes in a short time. Several associated cooperation partners and supplier businesses ensure a high control quality. Our production capacity is several thousand laser modules per year. Experienced supply partners and service providers are at the ready to deal with short-term order peaks elegantly. Whatever we do, we do with passion.

Line laser systems for the industry

High-performance line laser system for positioning of vehicles on a crash plate, linearly displaceable. Custom design with high precision positioning, better than 1mm. The system contains a very powerful green line laser with 1W power, for optimal brightness even at long distances.

Floor lines with TopFloor Laser
Pitstop Formula 1 with MediaLas Laser
Laser display on palettes
Dynamic laser line for long jump
Laser projection on food
Laser line for Ski jumping

About MediaLas Laser Manufaktur

MediaLas Laser Manufaktur, based in Balingen in Swabia, is a highly experienced manufacturer of all types of laser visualisation, both mobile and static. Our line lasers are used successfully in industry around the world. Positioning lasers and Cross line lasers help the worker during the work process, help to detect handling sequences faster and to prevent errors. With numerous partners, we have already developed and implemented highly flexible Visualisation solutions

One of our pet projects is sport around the world, to which we have already contributed numerous innovations. This is how we are supporting the international ski jumping scene with our ski jumping laser that we developed in-house and that marks the “best-to-beat” line as a laser line in the snow. Anyone who watches ski jumping has surely already seen this.

For athletes, we have developed a redundant, reliable Laser system for the long jump and the triple jump, which has since received international recognition and will be used in future international world championships. Our system stirred up the European championships in Berlin in 2018 when it showed the length to be beaten precisely in the sand.