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Line laser InLine BRIGHT RED 20mW

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ca. 3-4 days ca. 3-4 days
Connection type:
Flex cable 1m
M8 connector ( + 22,61 EUR )
Power supply with DC connector ( + 16,66 EUR )
Line angle:
110° glass optics ( + 10,71 EUR )
No mount
Strong Pan/Tilt ( + 80,92 EUR )
from 279,65 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

Industrial line laser, with high visibility for integration into machines or industrial environment

Depending on the particular use case, modules with different beam angles can be selected, which generates the length of the laser line. The larger the beam angle, the longer the line will be. 

Angle Distance Line length ca.
20° 1m 0,34m
35° 1m 0.62m
60° 1m 1.16m
90° 1m 2m
110° 1m 3m

The line length increases linearly as the distance increases. Therefore at 2 m, the line length is also twice as long. 


The brightness of the laser line is determined by many factors. As a principle:
  • Line length: The longer the line, the lower the brightness, as the light output is distributed across a larger surface area
  • Laser colour: Green is significantly more effective than red or blue
  • Operating surface: The darker and more matte the surface, the dimmer the light appears
  • Ambient brightness: The brighter the ambient light, the dimmer the laser line appears. This is determined by the human eye, which reduces its sensitivity to suit the level of ambient brightness. In direct sunlight, it is very difficult to even recognise a laser line, as the retina is already saturated.  
  • Laser output: The higher the output of the laser, the brighter the laser line appears


The top priority for the use of line lasers in a commercial setting is laser safety for workers/operators. However, ensuring safety does not generally pose a problem, and is not particularly costly to achieve. Laser safety is something we deal with every day, which also makes us the right ones to contact when it comes to the classification of laser equipment. According to the latest guidelines in TROS (technical health and safety rules for artificial optical radiation), line lasers are so-called "extended sources" and can be treated more simply than normal bundled sources for point lasers. 
In order to achieve laser safety, a line laser must be appropriately installed to a machine or device. As a principle: workers/operators must not be able to look into the laser beam right at the module itself. The module must be installed in such a way that it is mechanically secure, and cannot accidentally drop out or come loose, thus posing a hazard. For commercial operations, the laser equipment, i.e. the installed laser module and the associated, mechanical equipment, machinery, brackets, etc., must therefore be categorised in Laser Class 2. 
You will receive further, detailed information with each delivery of our line laser modules and associated equipment. We are at your disposal and would be happy to advise in this matter. 


Technical details:

Laser power ca. 20mW
Wavelength 635-638nm BRIGHT RED
Line angle 20°, 35°, 60°, 90°, 110°, 110° Gauss
Laser class 1m - 3b, depends on Installation
Power source ca. 9 - 25VDC, 230VAC with optional power supply unit 
Trigger input 4 - 25V = On, 0V = Off
Connector type 1m Flex cable, optional M8 connector
IP class IP 65 / 68 optional
Size ca. 18 x 90mm
Lifetime: typ. > 25000 h, if mounted to metallic surface
Temperature range   ca. -20° C to +45° C

  • Pay attention to the class of the laser!


  • M8 connector
  • Power supply unit

We are at your disposal to respond to any questions about classification in your environment.

Do you require a written quotation or larger number of units? No problem! Contact us via the  Contact section, we are happy to produce a quotation taking account of your individual requirements!