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9VDC time trigger board, OEM, sub miniature, 9V battery connector

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SwitchIt 9-3T
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A very sub miniature time trigger board, to run any 3VDC laser module from a 9V battery or other source from 6-25VDC. High efficiency. By adding a push button switch, the output is activated for around 30 seconds. After this time, the laser output switches off.

Clever circuit layout, so no extra on/off switch is required. If the laser is not triggered, the current draw is close to zero. Battery lifetime

Dimensions:  ca. 29 x 12.5mm
Output:   3VDC on open soldering pads
Laser On time:  ca. 30 seconds per push
Input:  9V battery clamp, or solder pads 6-25VDC
Max. current:  500mA
Max. standby current: <7 uA
Battery lifetime in standby mode: >20,000 hours

Push button not included.