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Diode driver "BigBlock" for DPSS laser up to 5A current

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The BigBlock is an analog driver for DPSS lasers with one or two TEC, and a diode current of up to 5A.

Analog modulation, temperature shut down and standby current are a few of the amazing features of this driver. Both TEC drivers are electrically separated with full bridge drivers, for heating and cooling. This ensure a very stable operation and a fast warm up time than the usual non-bridged drivers.

The diode output is kink free. Modulation voltage ranges from 0.2 to 4.4V. 

BigBlock needs two supply voltages, 5V @ 6A and 12V @ 5A. 


- Diode driver up to 5A diode current
- Analog modulation up to 30kHz
- 2x TEC driver push/pull with temperature control
- Adjustable temperature working range for diode temperature