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MicroAmp III-62 Galvo Driver - 677xx replacement - Kopie

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MicroAmp III-62
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Super-compact high speed driver for Cambridge 6200, 6210 or 6220 galvo scanners, or campatible models. Latest circuit technology with:

  • oscillation prevention circuit
  • over temperature protection
  • coil temperature calculator
  • differential input and increased speed
  • Easy mirroring by using two on board jumpers
  • Very small dimensions, just 63x50x35mm.

Adjustment for Picture Size, Servo Gain, LFD, HFD, Offset and linearity. Inverting jumper. Needs source of +/- 18-30VDC at 1A per voltage. Step time can be as low as 100uS at small step, with CTi 6210HB galvos and small mirrors. 

The PID servo controller interprets the feedback signals of the position sensor compared to the target signal of the input and transmits the voltages and currents to the motor necessary to reach the desired position are rapidly as possible. The high-speed control loop with integration link delivers excellent, responsive movement with the fast acceleration and braking ramps which are necessary for the fastest positioning movements and the lowest jump times. The damping links ensure that settling times are kept as short as possible. This made is possible to achieve further gains in terms of precision and reproducibility.
On the driver itself, the axis movement can be inverted with a jumper. The inputs are designed to be fully symmetrical, allowing for floating earth actuation. This drastically reduces earth loops or interference. This makes it possible, with a two-wire cable, to eliminate interference, as the interference signals cancel each other out. The 8-pin connector provides all of the inputs and outputs for the driver. This is also where the connection is made to the power supply. Buffered position outputs also fed out of the connector. 
The MicroAmps are relatively durable when it comes to overheating on the output stage. The integrated protection against overheating switches the output stage off if the temperature is too high, so that no defect occurs. To ensure sufficient cooling, the MicroAmp should be mounted to an adequately dimensioned metallic surface. The temperature on the back part of the heat sink should be below 70°C.

Ideal replacement for the discontinued MicroMax 677xx driver.

Delivery content: 
  • Preadjusted MicroAmp III galvo driver
  • Mounted on aluminum bracket
  • Input/Source connector cable
  • Manual


Technical Details:

Input Symmetric ground free, voltage adjustable up to +/-10V
Source +/-18VDC min, +/-30VDC max, ca. 1A per voltage
Step time depends on Galvo, min ca. 100uS Small Step angle
Adjustments Size, Servo Gain, LFD, HFD, Offset, Linearity
Input impedance ca. 400kOhm
Operating temperature -15°C to +50°C
Dimensions ca. 50 x 63 x 35mm
Delivery content MicroAmp III on aluminum bracket, connecting cable for input and source
Fitting Galvos CTi6200, 6210, 6220 oder compatible Derivates
Limiters Over current, over temperature, optional over power